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Tennis Ball Machine Drills - Improve Your Forehand, Backhand ...

Drill Seven – Low backhand volleys down the line. Set up the ball machine to feed balls that are dipping inside the service box and start slightly behind the service line. Move forward to pick up the low backhand volley and aim down the line, make sure to get down low using your legs to lunge into the ball. After you hit the volley, recover one or two steps back and repeat.

Tennis Ball Machine Drills With The Slinger Bag | Feel Tennis

And that’s where a tennis ball machine like the Slinger Bag comes in as it provides you with consistent incoming balls that allow you to put in a lot of repetitions. You should aim for around 200–300 repetitions per session for a certain technical flaw you want to correct, which means you’ll need 10–20 sessions like that to reach 2000–5000 repetitions in total.

How to Use a Tennis Ball Machine: 8 Must Know Drills

The above diagram shows the drill set up for a right-handed person. For a left-handed player, stand on the other side of the center mark. Step 1: Set the tennis ball machine up in the center of the court approximately halfway between the service line and the baseline.

Tennis Volley Drills using Spinfire Pro 2 tennis ball machine ...

Tennis volley practice using Spinfire pro 2 tennis ball machine .

The 9 Best Tennis Drills For Improving Your Volley Game

Drill # 2 – The Volley-To-Volley Drill. This drill is one of the best for improving your volley game. It should be used in every practice and will definitely sharpen your reflexes if used consistently. Two people are required for this drill. Each person will stand at the service line – one on each side of the net.

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4 Drills to Improve Your Volleys | ACTIVE

Forehand Volley Down the Line Drill Equipment: 10 tennis balls & some cones (or similar) Divide the court up as shown in the diagram with your cones. Starting in the middle and just inside the service line (P), have a partner feed 10 balls (1 at a time) over to your forehand. Hit the ball before it bounces.

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Ball machine tennis drills to improve your strokes consistency, placement, power, add variety and control to different shots. You can even play a full set or games using a ball machine. No partner, no problem! Game of Seven. (1 video / 6 minutes) New. Ninety Degrees.

Fun with my Lobster tennis ball machine - Volley drills - YouTube

May 25, 2011Fun time on the side of my house with my Lobster tennis ball machine.Hadn't played in 20 years, practicing my forehand volley and backhand volley...