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Wave: Serve receive drill - The Art of Coaching Volleyball

Purpose: A fast-paced serve receive drill that teaches players to control chaos. How it Works: Players group up into groups of 3 serve receivers. There should be a group of three passers on each side receiving serves for two minutes straight. Two groups of three are the serving groups; The serving teams serve one at a time.

Best Serve Receive Drill - Strength and Power Volleyball

How the serve receive drill works. For this drill you need two passers, a server, a target, and person to signal points for deep serves. This drill can be either competitive or cooperative. One variation would be competitive...servers vs passers. Set a time limit, for example, 3 minutes.

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Volleyball serving Drills for Beginners

Volleyball Serving Drills for Beginners 1. Players compete one pair at a time. Serve attempting to serve six balls in order to the designated location. Two... 2. The server gets 3 points for a serve into the correct zone. 1 point for a serve into any other zone, and 0 points for... 3. The server's ...

21 down serve-and-receive drill - The Art of Coaching Volleyball

21 Down is a competitive serving and serve-receive drill. First team to zero points loses the drill. Teams are divided in equal number and capability. The drill follows a pass-and-replace pattern that goes like this: Passers receive a ball, and no matter the outcome, they get off the court and a new passer takes their place.

Beginner Volleyball Drills for Serving | Set up for Volleyball

Beginner Volleyball Drills for Serving Standing Float. The standing float serve is an extremely useful skill to master as it requires little energy and minor... Jump Float. The jump float takes the above process and in most cases improves upon it. By adding a jump into the... Topspin Jump Serve. The ...

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Favorite drills/games to practice serve receive? - Coaching ...

A drill that focuses on individual rather than group passing is 8-Person Serve & Pass. This is something that is good if you have a bunch of players to involve. It is also well suited for a more controlled serving and passing set up as it features one server going to one passer. It’s an extension on the idea of Passing Triplets. Games

Volleyball Serve Receive Drills - Pakmen Volleyball

Volleyball Serve Receive Drills Serving and Receiving Drill from John Dunning. A highly experienced volleyball coach from Stanford University, John... Serve Receive Drill from Josh Steinbach. Another legendary volleyball coach, Josh Steinbach (he works as the head coach... Black Sheep Drill. There ...

Serve Receive Volleyball Drill Progression - YouTube

In this video, Steve Colpus shows a serve receive drill progression that he uses with his team that starts simple and progresses to more complex drills.